Welcome to our store

3 Moms Stichin and Eagle Leather is located at 101 North Main Street in Creston Ohio. We specialize in custom embroidered patchs and manufacture leather proucts for motocyclists and much more. We are a family run business and everything we produce is proudly made in America.


3 Moms Sticthin is a sewing and embroidery company run by Bonnie Ramsier and Susie Campbell, we stock a vierty of patches including motocycle, fire/police, flags, military and religious. We specialize in custom patches and can produce coustom patches to meet your needs.


Eagal Leather is a manufacturing and leather repair company, also run by Bonnie and Susie, with much help from our staff. We produce motocycle bags, belts, accessories and so much more. We offer zipper repair, snap repair and all your leather repair needs.


Our shop located at 101 North Main Street in Creston, Ohio is open Wednesday through Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm. Appointments can be made outside of those times.